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Chetwynd Cemetery

1194 Chetwynd Road, Burk’s Falls
Phone: 705-382-3332

Cemeteries are a tangible link to people in the past. Many are an irreplaceable part of cultural heritage. Chetwynd Cemetery is significant primarily for historical and associative reasons including, pioneering founding families and war veterans. The cemetery is a community record of historical settlement patterns and land use to the general public and is a valuable example of 18th century rural municipal cemetery design in a Northern Ontario community. The first burial to take place in Chetwynd Cemetery was of the late David Ritchie in the spring of 1879.

The Municipal Cemetery is situated in a natural setting to attract and comfort the living; with the creation of a secure space for the dead through the use of markers and monuments to preserve the memory of individuals of historic importance.

The Cemetery is located on a one acre parcel of property and is well managed, groomed and maintained by the Township of Armour. The Municipality oversees the operation and maintenance of the land.

The Chetwynd Cemetery is open approximately mid-April to November, weather permitting.

For further information or appointments contact the Municipal Office
56 Ontario Street, PO Box 533
Burk’s Falls, Ontario P0A 1C0
Telephone (705) 382-3332
Fax (705) 382-2068

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