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Roads Applications and Forms

Please note that application fees may apply, as amended.

Authority to Dump Material

Pursuant to By-law, the purpose of this form is for a property owner to accept excess soil material on an “as received” basis. The Corporation of the Township of Armour cannot attest to the quality of the material and will not be responsible for the presence of unknown substances in the material, including but not limited to, contaminants, hazardous material or other foreign matter. The form request is valid for one year.
Authority to Dump Material

Civic Address Application

Known as a 9-1-1 address or a civic address, this designation is made up of individual parts that combine to uniquely describe a specific location. Civic Addressing is primarily in place to help emergency services locate properties. The civic address number sign, the post, and the number blade, must be maintained BY THE OWNER at all times. Civic addresses are purchased from the Township and after installation they are owned by the property owner.
Civic Address Application

Entrance Permit

An Entrance Permit Application is required in order to install an Entrance into one's property. If you require an entrance, please click on the link below for the application.
2020 Application Fee:  $90.00
2020 Refundable Deposit:  $500.00
Access Permit for Entrances and Culverts

Moving/Overload Permit Application

A Moving/Overload Permit is required when moving Heavy Equipment and or Wide Loads. Example: Moving a small building. If you require a Moving/Overload Permit Application, please click on the link below.
Overweight Oversized Vehicle Permit

Property Access Form

Complete the Property Access Form to permit municipal employees to access your property for a specific purpose, such as beaver dam control.
Property Access Permission Form - Nuisance Beavers

Roadway Maintenance Request Form

Complete the form to report a service request on municipal roads. This ensures the Township of Armour has a record of the service request.
Road Maintenance Request Form