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Road Maintenance

The Township of Armour continually improves and maintains its roads to keep travellers safe. During winter, spring, summer and fall, the Roads Department staff carry out various activities to extend the years of the Municipality’s roadways and assets. The Municipality is focused on ensuring the existing road network meets the needs of all users in a safe, efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


By removing garbage and digging ditches, we make sure that water is able to flow freely through ditches and culverts along the roadway. Keeping these storm water controls free of debris means less flooding during heavy rains.



Other roadside maintenance includes tree trimming when branches block traffic, fixing/replacing signs, and shoulder levelling, which smoothes out gravel shoulders in uneven areas.


Road sweeping, filling in pot holes, grading, calcium treatment, watering for dust treatment and compaction, grinding out roadway rutting, and mending larger patch areas of pavement all take place after the winter to keep Armour’s roads smooth for travel.


Minimum Standards / Policies

Maintenance of municipal roadways is a year round activity.  During the winter, we have an experienced crew in charge of snow removal and sanding/salting.  The frequency of winter road clearing is dependent on a number of factors including anticipated snowfall accumulation rates within a given period of time.  Our winter roads clearing staff regularly work Monday to Friday, but road conditions are monitored through patrolmen throughout the weekend and crews are called in during periods of heavy accumulation over the weekends in accordance with policy.

During the warmer weather, our dedicated team of workers can be seen leveling out the gravel roads with the grader, repairing the surfaces of hard topped roads as they wear, ditching for storm water drainage, cleaning out culverts, mowing and brushing the road sides, providing dust control, repairing shoulders, maintaining bridges and catch basins, road sweeping in designated areas and overall providing professional traffic control at all road construction sites. Calcium chloride for dust control is applied to gravel roads, usually starting in late May.

The Minimum Maintenance Standards (O.Reg. 239/02) includes road standards for all seasons and road conditions. The Township of Armour roads are all under Classification No. 5.