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Landfill ReUse Centre

Reuse Centre

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure! The purpose of the Reuse Centre is to ensure that items which would normally be put in the garbage are available for use by others. Gently used items can be dropped off with the Gate Attendant.

By reusing an item instead of throwing it out, we save landfill space. Reused items are more affordable and often unique. Clothing, coats, bedding, and towels will not be accepted at the TRI R Reuse. Bedding, blankets and towels are almost always accepted at the local animal shelters and bordering kennels.

Tipping Fees will apply to items dropped off for the TRI R Reuse centre and a small donation is expected when items are taken from the Centre.

Acceptable items include: small furniture, sporting goods, toys, books, housewares, etc.
Unacceptable items include: hazardous materials, food wastes, liquids, potentially unsanitary items (such as toilets, mattresses, etc.), textiles and bulky items.

The Landfill Attendant has the discretion to not accept any item.