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141 Chetwynd Road
Waste Management Administrator: Amy Tilley
A Landfill Pass is Mandatory and required for access.


SUMMER (May 1st - August 31st): Thursday - Monday Open 10am - 5pm / Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

WINTER (September 1st - April 30th): Thursday - Monday Open 11am - 5pm / Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Christmas Hours:  December 24, 2020 - January 2, 2021

Closed on Holidays: New Years Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day




Landfill Cards will only be issued to the registered owner(s) for each occupied residential property.  Vacant land and commercial/industrial properties WILL NOT receive a Landfill Card, however, a Landfill Access Pass will be issued for access to the site and waste disposal will be charged at $3 per bag. 

Landfill Cards have a cash value of $120.00 for 2020 which will allow residents to dispose of 40 bags of garbage from January - December.  

You cannot copy, duplicate or replicate a Landfill Card.  Lost, stolen or misplaced cards will only be replaced at the expense of the owner.  Landlords are responsible to ensure their tenants receive their card. 

Landfill Cards must be picked up at the Township Office.

If you are unable to attend the Municipal Office in person to pick up the new card, you can complete an authorization form to have the card mailed to you, or you can authorize another person to pick it up for you.  Please fill out the appropriate authorization form, sign it, and give it to the person who you are authorizing to pick the card up on your behalf, or email/mail the form to us.

All authorization forms can be found on the Township of Armour website under the Landfill Department tab or at the municipal office.

Landfill Flyer - Summer 2020
Landfill Card Policy
Landfill Flyer - Summer 2019
Landfill Christmas Hours 2018-2019 

NEW Landfill Hours - Effective January 1, 2018

Financing of Waste Management Report - January 2018

Fire Ashes Disposal Warning Notice
Take it Back - Unused and Expired Medication

Take it Back - Disposal of Sharps

Prescription drugs/medications and sharps should not be placed in the regular garbage, for proper and safe disposal, take it back to your local pharmacies. The Health Products Stewardship Association operates the Ontario Medications Return Program and the Ontario Sharps Collection Program through community pharmacies to collect unused or expired medications and sharps. Visit your pharmacy to return unused or expired medications and sharps. Find the one nearest you by visiting        



You may drop off scrap metal, tires, and electronics at the Landfill Site at no charge. The Municipality works in partnership with Ontario Stewardship Programs to help protect the environment and recycle materials.  This also extends the life of the landfill site, ensuring other generations can have the convenience of a landfill site as well.