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This Department has overall responsibility for the Municipality's financial activities including accounting, tax billing and collection, budgets, financial reporting, investments, banking, insurance and risk management. The primary function of the Township of Armour’s finance department is to provide financial management information to Council, municipal staff, the public and other governments. 

Payment Methods

1) At Municipal Office
Cash, cheque (current and/or postdated) or debit interac is accepted. At the present time, Credit cards are not accepted. An after-hours drop box is also available and is located at the front entrance doors of the Municipal Office. The drop box is cleared daily.

2) Mail
Payment must be received at the Municipal Office by the tax due date in order to avoid penalty. Please note that if mail is lost by the Post Office, it will still be subject to penalties.

3) Electronic Bill Payment 
This enables bill payment access through telephone, internet systems, automated banking machines as well as teller transactions. The proper payee name is required to perform these transactions as well as your nineteen digit Roll Number(s). If you have more than one property you must enter each roll number and the amount you are sending for each one.  Please note we no longer accept Royal Bank of Canada electronic payments.

4) Credit Card
Credit card payments are accepted through PLASTIQ online transactions. See our home page and click the PAY NOW button to use your credit card, including your rewards systems to make secure payments for all Township fees including building permits and property taxes. Third party service fees are applicable.
5) Preauthorized Payment Plan

Tax payments can be made through one of our pre-authorized payment plans (12 month, Due Date, or Taxpayer Defined). 

  • You choose the pre-authorized payment plan that best suits your needs. 
  • Print and complete the pre-authorized payment application form.
  • Sign the form and provide a void cheque.
  • Deliver the completed form with void cheque to the Municipal Office.

12 Month Payment Plan – payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 1st day of each month from January – December each year.  You are eligible to join the plan if your tax payments are up-to-date.  There is no penalty or interest charged on this plan.

Due Date Payment Plan – payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the installment due dates that are shown on the tax bill.  You are eligible to join the plan if your property tax payments are up-to-date.

Taxpayer Defined Payment Plan – payments will be withdrawn on the first day of each month from January – December in the amount you specify.

  • You may join this plan at any time during the year and your property tax account does not have to be up-to-date.
  • Applicable penalty/interest will be charged on this plan.

Pre-Authorized Payment Forms

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans
(Everything you need to know about the pre-authorized payment plan program)

Pre-Authorized Application Form
(Initial Application to be set-up in the program)

Banking Information Change Form
(To change your banking information for automatic payment withdrawals)

Payment Plan Type Change Request
(To change the type of payment plan that you are using to another option listed above)

Taxpayer Defined Payment Amount Change Request
(To change your monthly withdrawal amount on your taxpayer defined payment plan)

Cancellation Request Form
(To cancel automatic payment withdrawals from your bank account)