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Asset Management

Asset Management Plan

This Asset Management Plan is intended to describe the infrastructure owned, operated, and maintained by the Township of Armour to support its core services. The document identifies what has been achieved, what is being done and what needs to be done to ensure core services provided to citizens, business, and institutions attain sustainability.

Strategic Asset Management Policy

Under Ontario Regulation 588/17 (Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure), Council is required to approve a Strategic Asset Management Policy by July 1, 2019. Subsequently, the Strategic Asset Management Policy must be reviewed and, if necessary, updated at least every five years afterwards.

The Strategic Asset Management Policy is the first requirement in a staged process for compliance with O.Reg. 588/17.

The Municipality is responsible for providing a range of essential services to the community, including transportation networks, storm water management and flood control, recreational opportunities, and administrative functions. To deliver these services, it owns and manages a diverse municipal infrastructure asset portfolio of roads, bridges and culverts, facilities, and assorted supporting fleet vehicles and equipment and machinery. As the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the community depends on the reliable performance of these municipal infrastructure assets it is critical to implement a systematic, sustainable approach to their management.

2019 Strategic Asset Management Policy