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564 Garage Road
Road Supervisor: Keith McCoy

The Roads Department constructs and maintains municipal roads and bridges, which involves grading, repairing and improving road and bridge structures, maintaining signs, culverts, ditches and shoulders, snow clearing and sanding in the winter months and dust control and grading during the rest of the year. 

Roads maintenance is ongoing throughout the year. With about 132 kms of roads in the Township, it takes many hours for our equipment to work over the entire system. In a winter storm event, our roads crew is out on the job. Please be patient, we will get to your road as soon as we can.


In effect from March 1 to May 30th, unless posted otherwise under Public Notices on our Website, as a means to try to protect the integrity of the roads during the spring thaw.  The Township of Armour monitors thaw progression by utilizing the forecast temperature data from Environment Canada and Weather Network to calculate the Thaw Index. When the Thaw Index reaches its threshold value, the load restrictions are imposed.  Depending on the progression of the spring thaw, restrictions can come into effect quickly, sometimes with only a few days’ notice.  

2017:  Half Load Restriction removed on May 11, 2017


Please keep this time period in mind if you are planning to get your load of logs or building supplies delivered to your property in the spring. Once the pavement strength has been restored, the load restrictions are removed.


If you are aware of a road hazard (i.e. a missing stop sign, dangerous washout or dead deer on the road), please notify us at 705-382-3332, during office hours (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

After office hours, please call 705-382-5982 and leave a message (time, date and nature of emergency).