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The Honourable Mr. Justice John Douglas Armour

The Honourable Mr. Justice John Douglas ArmourArmour Township's namesake is John Douglas Armour who was born in the Township of Otonabee, in Peterborough County on May 4, 1830. After graduating with a B.A. from the University of Toronto in 1850 he studied law in the office of his brother Robert Armour, and later in the law offices of P. M. M. VanKoughnet. He was called to the bar in 1853 and practised in Cobourg, Canada West, for 25 years, first with Sidney Smith and later with H. F. Holland. In 1877 he was appointed to the Court of Queen's Bench of Ontario and was named its Chief Justice in November 1887. In 1901 he became Chief Justice of Ontario. The following year on November 21, 1902 he was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. Three months later, the federal government appointed him as Canada's representative on the Alaskan Boundary Commission. He served on the Supreme Court for only seven months.before he passed away on July 11, 1903 at the age of 73 while working with the Boundary Commission in London England.

Armour Lake, Steamship Armour, and Mount Armour

In addition to Armour Township, Armour Lake (now known as Pickerel Lake) and the Steamboat Armour, which once plied the Magnetawan River, were also named after John Douglas Armour. And Mount Armour was named in 1923 by both the United States Board on Geographic Names and the Geographic Board of Canada in honour of the original Canadian member of the Alaska Boundary Tribunal of 1903. Mount Armour is appropriately located in the Canada's Kluane National Park Reserve near the border between the Yukon Territory and the State of Alaska. It rises to 8,776 feet above sea level midway between Whitehorse on the Canadian side and Anchorage Alaska.

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