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Official Plan Update Meeting

Posted: 15-Mar-2018



Armour Township Council will hold a special public meeting on May 8, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. in the Municipal Office, 56 Ontario Street, to hear from interested people and discuss revisions that are proposed to the Armour Township Official Plan, pursuant to Section 26 of the Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990.

Section 26 of the Planning Act requires the Township to, not less frequently than every 10 years, revise the Official Plan to ensure that it:

  • conforms to provincial plans or does not conflict them;
  • has regard to matters of provincial interest listed in Section 2 of the Planning Act; and,
  • is consistent with policy statements issued under Section 3(1) of the Planning Act.

Before revising the Official Plan, Council is required to obtain input from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and other prescribed Ministries, which it has done through a pre-consultation meeting in the Township Office, and to hold this special open Council meeting to discuss revisions that may be required.

Also under Section 26 of the Planning Act, this meeting must provide an opportunity for public input into matters which people believe should be considered as part of the Official Plan Review and Update.

You are invited to attend this Special Council meeting to provide your input with respect to the Official Plan Review and Update.

Written submissions should be addressed to Mrs. Charlene Watt, Deputy-Clerk, Township of Armour, 56 Ontario Street, P.O. Box 533, Burk’s Falls, ON  P0A 1C0.

If you wish to be notified personally of future meetings on the Official Plan Review and Update, you must make a written request to the Deputy-Clerk.

Detailed information on this special meeting or other aspects of the Official Plan Review and Update may be obtained by contacting:

Mrs. Charlene Watt, Deputy-Clerk
Phone 705-383-3332