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Planning involves the general design of the municipality through the land use planning process. Land use planning enables the municipality to establish goals and objectives for growth and development. This is accomplished by having regard for important social issues, environmental and economic considerations which provide for sustainable and healthy communities. Through this process, the interests and objectives of individual property owners are balanced with the interests and objectives of the Township of Armour in alignment with the Provincial Policy Statement.
Municipal Planning staff will provide general information with respect to current land use issues and undertakes the review and processing of a variety of development applications, Official Plan, Zoning, Subdivision, Lot Control and Site Plans submitted to the municipality. They provide consultative assistance to the public and the development industry on planning-related issues, processing of development applications and the planning legislative process.

Planning staff are responsible for the review and processing of all planning and development applications. Planning staff can assist you with:
  • Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications
  • Plans of Subdivision
  • Site Plan Applications/Development Agreements
  • Minor Variance Applications
  • Clarifying land use designations or policies in the Official Plan
  • Clarifying zone categories and provisions in the Zoning By-law



Zoning By-law 27-95 (Consolidated October 2017)       
Index Map
Zoning Map A-1
Zoning Map A-2
Zoning Map A-3
Zoning Map A-4
Zoning Map A-5
Zoning Map A-6
Zoning-Bylaw Amendment 27-2016 (Light Industrial Uses & Gazebo Floor Areas) 
Zoning-Bylaw Amendment  4-2017 (Increase Maximum Lot Coverage; Enlargement of Substandard Lots) 
Zoning-Bylaw Amendment 26-2017 (Use of Shipping Containers)
Zoning-Bylaw Amendment 27-2017 (Use of Trailers and Park Model Trailers
Zoning By-Law Amendment 34-2017 (Livestock Facilities in Rural Zone